Hello from Natura-Coco:

For our first blog post we wanted to give you a little bit more information about us, the Natura-Coco product and why we wanted to produce coconut oil in the first place.

We’re a little different from the rest. First, we are one of the few producers of organic, raw virgin, centrifuged coconut oil, which ensures the purity of the oil and the maximum health benefits from the lauric acid found in coconut oil. Natura-Coco oil, unlike many other premium brands, is simply extracted from freshly grated coconuts by centrifuge and micro-filtration, with no heat intervention whatsoever.

We care passionately about the source of our product. One of the reasons Natura-Coco oil is so special is its traditional values. We are proud of our association with a co-operative of small farms in Kerala, India and working with and supporting those equally passionate farmers in developing their production, hygiene and sanitation protocols to an international standard, and achieving full organic certification for the coconut oil.

Together, our Indian partners, their local communities, and we, bring you the purist, organic, raw coconut oil from the coconut trees of the lush and fertile south of India.

Family and community are really important to us. In fact, that’s where it all began. Natura-Coco is part of a family business, and with our own Indian heritage we wanted to put something back into the community of our family. We are so immensely proud of our coconut oil and the journey on which it has travelled so far and believe it to be one of the finest available.

As a family, we love sharing delicious, healthy food together, and we’ve been using coconut oil in our diet and for cooking for years, from roast potatoes, cooked breakfasts, curries, smoothies and marinades! Our children’s current favourites are our Natura-Coco Lush Bars – we’ll upload the recipe on this blog soon!

Please keep coming back to the blog. We’ll be uploading  lots of health and beauty tips as well (Natura-Coco oil is rich in anti-oxidants and easily absorbed into the skin – we’ve been re-hydrating our children’s delicate skin this summer after days in the sun, on the beach, and in the swimming pool).

And for fellow fitness enthusiasts, we’ll also be uploading advice on using coconut oil for sports nutrition, and why the medium-chain triglycerides found in Natura-Coco oil, are fats which actually energise you, unlike animal origin saturated fats which are deposited in the body’s fat stores.

At Natura-Coco we talk a lot about passion. Passion for our product; passion for the welfare of the farming co-operative who produce our coconut oil; and a passion for healthy living.

But we won’t be preaching to you on our blog about how great Natura-Coco organic coconut oil is (although it really is delicious and nutritious!), we hope that this blog becomes a place for ideas, recipes and great ways of how you and your family use and enjoy coconut oil to improve your healthy way of life.

Become part of the Natura-Coco family too! Please share your feedback and advice for others with us. You can get in contact with us with a comment right here or just email us at info@naturacoco.co.uk.

For sales click here or visit the homepage and click on the Buy Online link, which will take you to our Amazon UK page.

Thanks for reading.

Best wishes,

The Natura-Coco Family

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