We have recently been awarded our full organic certification and are now clearing our remaining stocks of non non-organic raw, virgin coconut oil, at the exceptional price of £7.00 a jar, representing over 30% discount on our regular price. This is exactly the same oil as our certified organic product, produced to the same organic standards, however prior to our organic certification being awarded. Grab yourself a bargain!
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We’re a little different from the rest. We are one of the few producers of organic, raw virgin, centrifuged coconut oil, which ensures the purity of the oil and retains the maximum health benefits from coconut oil. Natura­Coco oil, unlike many other premium brands, is simply extracted from freshly grated coconuts by centrifuge and micro­filtration, with no heat intervention whatsoever.
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Crystal clear fluid when warm, and snow white solid below 25°C, Natura­Coco oil is as raw and natural as coconut oil gets, with a fresh coconut scent and a mild coconut flavour. Our oil contains NO additives, preservatives, colours or fragrances. Our customers tell us that Natura­Coco oil is simply the freshest, most fragrant, and best tasting coconut oil they've ever tried. Just read our TESTIMONIALS.
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Cooking: With no trans­fatty acids and no cholesterol, Natura­Coco oil is a healthy oil to use for cooking, roasting, high temperature frying, or as a delicious spread. Nutrition: Use as part of a healthy lifestyle or for sports nutrition; the medium­chain triglycerides found in Natura­Coco oil, are fats that actually energise you, unlike animal origin saturated fats which are deposited in the body’s fat stores. Beauty: Natura­Coco oil is rich in anti­oxidants and easily absorbed into the skin, making it perfect for re­hydrating skin and hair.
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We are one of only a few premium brands to produce our oil through an advanced multi­level centrifuge extraction method. Whilst this is a relatively low yielding process, it produces the purest coconut oil possible, with the maximum nutritional value and highest levels of lauric acid (which has natural immune­boosting properties). Many other coconut brands use a heat­expeller process that can reduce these beneficial anti­viral properties, or a fermentation process, which can expose the oil to risk of microbial contamination or leave traces of peroxides. Our production involves NO chemical refining, NO bleaching and NO deodorising.

"This is by far the best coconut oil EVER. So natural, tastes amazing, definitely ordering more. Customer service fantastic - NaturaCoco care about their customers and are extremely helpful and kind"

What Customers Say...

"This coconut cream is truly universal, I have got rid of all my different lotions for body, face and hair, and replaced them with this virgin coconut oil - simply brilliant."

What Customers Say...

"Thank you Natura-Coco, I am really impressed with this. There are numerous brands on the market, but very few I believe use pure cold filtration methods like this one. It's delicately fragranced and very pure. Exactly what it says on the jar! A quality product."

What Customers Say...

"The perfect coconut oil. I use this for cooking, for example for roast potatoes or any vegetables, plus stir frying, and for making bullet proof coffee! In our house it is used as part of a homemade hair conditioner, a skin cream, and a mouthwash!"

What Customers Say...


organic-farmers-and-growersOne of the reasons Natura­Coco oil is so special is the source of our product. We are proud of our association with a co­operative of small farms in Kerala, India and working with and supporting those equally passionate farmers in developing their production, hygiene and sanitation protocols to an international standard, and achieving full organic certification for the coconut oil.

Together, our Indian partners, their local communities, and we, bring you the purist, organic, raw coconut oil from the coconut trees of the lush and fertile south of India.

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